We are LoanMe

To our Partners and Customers,

Thank you for being an indispensable part of our journey over the years. In our commitment to excel as leaders in our space, we have undergone some positive changes within our company over the past few months.

LoanMe’s evolution began in April of 2019 as our company transitioned in ownership. This development has empowered our executive team with the tools needed to paint a new vision of a thriving future for our company, partners, and the consumers that we serve.

We have worked hard throughout this visioning process to sharpen our understanding of our consumers’ needs and in doing so reaffirmed our own dedication of meeting those needs in every way that we can. With this dedication, we act to create a brighter tomorrow for our employees, partners and most importantly our customers.

As we continue to move forward on these commitments, we pledge ourselves to growth in all aspects of our business, and most importantly the growth of your satisfaction with the LoanMe brand. What is clear now more than ever before is that our success as a company comes second to our customers’ success in securing the resources they need to create a path forward for themselves.

This is why we are here.

We are LoanMe.

Jonathan Williams



Protecting our customers’ personal information and interests is a top priority at LoanMe. We maintain the latest in technology, encryption, and digital security measures to ensure data remains safe and secure.

Additionally, we actively identify and work to dismantle any online activity from potential bad actors if ever and whenever such activity occur.

As a consumer, here are some additional measures you can take to spot and avoid potential Phishing and Scams:

  1. Be sure any emails you receive are sent from a secured public domain and are spelled correctly (Example: “@Loanme.com” NOT “@gmail.com” or “@Loanmellc.com”)
  2. Be cautious where an email content is poorly written, contains misspellings and bad grammar, or makes outlandish claims.
  3. Make sure emails don’t contain suspicious attachments or links.
  4. Avoid messages that create a threatening sense of urgency.

For General Inquiries

LoanMe 1900 S. College Boulevard Suite 300 Anaheim, CA 92806

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