4 Reasons to Get a Personal Loan for the Holidays

1/10/20 Ricky Baizas

It’s that time of the year… holiday gift-giving and celebration time!

If the holiday season snuck up on you this year, LoanMe has you covered. You’ve worked hard all year and rather than sitting this season out due to financial constraints, here are 4 reasons to take out a personal loan for Christmas this year.

Set Payments

Know exactly how much your payments are. With LoanMe, before even pressing the “Submit Loan Request” button you will know how much your monthly payment amount will be. We want to partner with you in building and maintaining good credit and part of that effort is making payments on time and in full. By knowing your monthly payments and being assured they won’t change – you can budget your Christmas spending all year long.

Predetermined Spending Balance

You can’t spend more than you borrow. LoanMe offers personal loans from $2,600 to $100,000 and we offer a “No Worry Guarantee” that allows you to change your mind within 7 days and return the loan with no interest, no fees, and no questions asked. So if you are unsure about this year’s annual end of the year bonus – consider a personal loan with Loan Me that within 7 days can be returned if your bonus kicks in!

With a set balance, you can determine a Holiday Budget that includes spending limits on gifts for friends and family, celebrations with co-workers and best buddies and traveling to visit loved ones you only have time to see during the holidays. Rather than what could be endless withdrawals from your bank account, with LoanMe you can determine a Holiday Budget, apply for a set loan amount, and only make Christmas purchases with your loan balance.

Plus if that end of the year bonus comes in later than anticipated, LoanMe has zero prepayment penalties!

Fixed Interest Rates and Terms

Your interest rate and terms are fixed. Monthly budgeting is important and part of building a solid financial future, however, loans with varying interest rates and terms can often throw off even the best financially planned budget. LoanMe wants to partner with you in financial stability by offering a fixed rate so you will how much interest to expect for the entire life of the loan.

Quick and Easy Application Turnaround Times

Our loans are typically processed within a few hours, and you will most likely receive the funds the same or next business day*. In fact, it’s even possible to have money deposited into your checking account in as fast as 3-4 hours!

So there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this year’s holiday season! With a personal loan from LoanMe, you can cross off everything on your holiday gift list, get tickets to the cities annual Christmas gala and show, visit family that lives far away, and even make an end-of-the-year donation to your favorite charity. Make this year’s holiday season one that counts all year long.

* Application process takes 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion, a conditional approval may be given pending review of documentation. Three hour funding time is based on the time from final approval following receipt of all required documents and signing, prior to 1 PM PST on a business day. In some cases, credit underwriting and due diligence may require additional documents, which can delay funding time.

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