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Are “Business Showers” the Next Trend?

1/10/20 Ricky Baizas

We have all heard of baby showers, right? How about a business shower?


Recently, we came across this tweet from KE Sharp, which has been trending in social media. He says:


“Instead of baby showers, let’s host “Business Showers.” When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them, and bring resources for their business.”

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We totally love this concept! After all, your business is your baby.


We’ve all seen people go all-in on their business: tireless planning, countless hours, and sleepless nights. To many, this is how they achieve the “American Dream,”  but to others, it’s their way of self-expression and giving back to society. What is common, however, is the undying passion and love for their business. Wouldn’t it be great to have your friends and family celebrate and support you when it matters the most?


We think so.


Which begs the question:

Does entrepreneurship have to be a lonely journey?

It is often said that “Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey,” but does it really need to be? If you have support from your friends, family, and loved ones, most likely you will be one of the two-thirds of businesses that survive after two years. Having support as you embark on your business journey can do wonders for you and your business.


Hosting a business shower with family, friends, and/or colleagues can work wonders when just starting out. Not only will it encourage you, but it can serve as the best form of marketing at a time when your sphere of influence matters most (AKA finding referrals).


Let us explain more:


Why a Business Shower Can Do A Lot of Good for Your Business:

There are any number of reasons why business showers are beneficial, but here are a few of our favorites:

  1. It helps you build a bigger circle or network: It’s different from other “get-togethers” and “networking” events. It’s nice to know people, but it’s nicer to make friends! While starting out, you are probably trying to find potential investors and customers. What a better way to get to know your future clientele’s pain points than having a party and asking them?!
  2. Understanding other businesses: Naturally, spending time with entrepreneurs may help you understand their business challenges and allow you to learn from them. Plus, once one finds a decent level of success in business we WANT to give back. Those of us on the other side know and remember the struggles, and find value in becoming that mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to those who are where you want to be.
  3. Creates memories: Regardless if this is a casual house event or a professional organized roof-top event, make sure to keep it a casual affair. The goal is to have fun, share stories, network, and connect.
  4. It gets you excited: Mindset is 90% of becoming a business owner, and your attitude will determine how successful you become.  Having a business shower at the launch of your “baby” will work wonders for your mindset, which will act like a slingshot into the coming months.

Now, what about business gifts?

When it comes to accepting gifts (like at weddings and baby showers), some entrepreneurs may choose to create a business registry for funding their startup needs. Regina Anaejionu, guest contributor to Entrepreneur, suggests providing many options at various price points.


“Provide options at all price points and including gift cards. This means that all your supporters will be able to participate, even on a limited budget.” — Regina Anaejionu.


So, what are your options?


Shower gifts: The choices are many, from something personal like a favorite wine to office supplies. These gifts go a long way when the entrepreneur, in his or her moments of doubt, looks back at how people believed in and wished well for them.


Cash as a Gift: There is no reason why you can’t gift someone in vouchers or cash, in fact, it might be more appreciated.  Starting up a business can be super expensive with large overheads. And, it adds up quickly.


While some folks may not enjoy attending baby showers (especially if you don’t have kids), hosting a shower when starting a business is something everyone can get behind. Make it fun. Make it memorable. Make it a success.


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