Credit Education Program

Credit Education Program

LoanMe offers the CreditSmart Consumer Financial Education Program to all consumers.  This online curriculum features complete financial education classes that provide valuable information and tools to help you improve your credit and manage your money.

The topics included in the program are:

  1. How installment loans work
  2. Interest Charges
  3. Credit scores and the effect of credit scores on future financial decisions
  4. Costs of Credit
  5. Effect of late or missed payments on credit scores
  6. Loan payment
  7. Understanding the credit reporting system
  8. Best practices for establishing and building good credit

This program is free of charge and available in both English and Spanish.  You can take the CreditSmart Consumer Financial Education online curriculum anywhere – anytime, at your pace. The CreditSmart Program can be found at

Attendance is strictly voluntary and not a condition of loan approval.

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