Can’t Afford to Move? Eight Ways to Relocate on a Budget

1/10/20 Ricky Baizas

No one likes moving. It can be exhausting, stressful and costly. Whether packing up to move across town or across the country, moving can be so expensive that it may justify taking out a personal loan for moving expenses.*

How Much Does It Cost to Move Across the Country?

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, the average cost of an in-state move is nearly $1,200. Those planning on moving outside of state should anticipate costs of more than $5,600. (Both estimates are based on transporting around 7,100 pounds of goods from point A to point B.)


In light of this, consumers needing to relocate may find themselves with tight time constraints and on even-tighter budgets. Researching options and planning ahead can save time and result in discovering the most cost effective way to move across the country.


The Most Cost Effective Ways to Move Across the Country

Organization is the key to an uncomplicated, affordable move. Here are eight ways to relocate on a budget to help to control costs and help the move go smoothly:


1. Consider more than one moving option: Examine and compare the costs of hiring a professional moving company, a trucking transport-only company, renting a modular storage pod shipping it or doing-it-yourself.

2. Get comprehensive quotes: When researching and getting quotes from reputable moving, trucking or pod-moving companies, be sure to get the quotes in writing in order to solidify the most cost effective way to move across the country. Moving costs are based on weight, distance, transportation and labor. It’s best to get three quotes for an accurate cost comparison.

3. Plan the time of the move: If there is some flexibility in the timing, consider relocating during the off-season or during an off-peak day of the week. Typically, summer rates are cheaper but if seasonal moves are not an option, look for mid-week rates, which are usually lower than weekend rates.

4. Plan for the pack: Start saving boxes and packing materials that may be laying around the house, or at work. Local retailers may provide them for free as well. Be sure to label every box with its contents as well as the destination information.

5. Downsize possessions. Determine an item’s true value before putting it in a moving box. Paying to ship or transport unnecessary items increases moving costs and makes unpacking more difficult. Donate items if it is not cost effective to pay to move them.

6. Donate or sell unneeded items. If time permits, hold a yard sale to sell extra items and use the cash to outset moving expenses. Donate yard sale left overs to local charities and claim them at year end as a tax deduction.

7. Anticipate hidden expenses. Make a list of expenses that will be necessary for the new home. Utility deposits, auto license fees and pet vaccinations required are typically required in a new state, so those must be factored into the budget.

8. Capture hidden money. Don’t forget to claim any utility and cleaning deposit refunds that might have been prearranged.. Save on moving space by leaving cleaning products and other consumable products behind or giving them to friends. This could open up room on the truck for another box or two. The products may be hazardous to transport and can easily be replaced at the new home.

Getting a Personal Loan for Moving Expenses

After creating a budget, consumers may find the total cost of the move will be higher than planned.


LoanMe can help cover these costs in the form of an unsecured, personal cash loan to cover the cost of the move. LoanMe’s online application process is uncomplicated and the approval process is fast. Qualified borrowers can have cash within hours of submitting an application.


Best of all, borrowers know the complete terms of their loans upfront. The interest rates are manageable and the repayment schedule is fixed, making budgeting easy. Because LoanMe doesn’t penalize customers for paying early, consumers can pay off their loan quickly without incurring additional fees.


Contact us now and find out how LoanMe can help provide a personal loan for moving expenses. Combining the total cost of relocating into one monthly payment can help make moving a lot easier.


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