Is it Possible to Boost Your Credit Score in 30 Days?

12/28/19 Ricky Baizas

No one is perfect. We’ve all made mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes can result in low credit scores. The kinds of scores that can linger and make obtaining additional credit a challenge. *


Keep in mind that credit scores don’t just affect borrowing. Today many employers review a prospective employee’s credit score before extending a job offer. Banks, other financial organizations, and government agencies also routinely check credit scores for a variety of reasons.

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Individuals with low credit scores in need of cash or seeking a new job might be wondering, “How can I improve my credit score fast?” Fortunately, there are ways to improve your credit score fast.

Four Ways to Improve a Credit Score in 30 Days

All U.S. consumers are entitled to see their credit reports. Typically, copies are requested from the “big three” credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). After obtaining a copy, it’s best to review the report. If you need to raise your credit score in 30 days, note any and all errors in the report. If errors are discovered, work to get them corrected as quickly as possible. A creditor may have erroneously reported late payments, or there may be outdated information on the report, like a defaulted loan that has since been paid in full.*


If time is a factor, here are four ways to improve a credit score in 30 days: 

1. Correct any errors on the credit report.

Contact creditors that are reporting inaccurate late payments or defaults. Call them by phone and ask to rectify the mistakes. Then follow up with a letter making the same request and notify all three credit reporting bureaus of the pending changes.

Make sure creditors know the bureaus have been notified. It may motivate them to act quickly.

2. Become an authorized user.

Family members with good credit can help those struggling with less-than-stellar credit scores by adding their name to an existing credit card account as an authorized user. The credit card or line of credit must be current and have available credit.


By becoming an authorized user on an established account, the borrower’s available credit may rise, which in turn can lower their debt-to-income ratio. This may help boost a credit score quickly. If the family member appears reluctant, the borrower can offer to put something in writing to help protect the family member.

3. Raise your available credit.

Requesting a higher credit limit from an already-established creditor may also help boost the borrower’s available credit line. This in turn could help elevate a credit score.

4. Negotiate.

A defaulted credit card bill can leave a serious blemish on a credit report. However, it does not have to remain there forever. Consumers can ask creditors to accept a partial payment for a debt in collections in return for reclassifying the debt as “paid.” A creditor may agree to settle for a partial payment, or they may make a counter offer.


Whatever the lender agrees to, make certain the agreement is in writing, and only pay the debt once the written agreement is in hand.


In some cases, a creditor may provide a good-will adjustment for long-time customers. A long-standing customer can request a creditor to forgive a few late payments. If the late payments are forgiven, it can help raise your credit score in 30 days.

More Ways to Raise Your Credit Score Fast

Credit scores are established over time. Although there are methods to improve a credit score fast, re-establishing a good score takes consistent behavior and time. Factors that influence a credit score include:


• Credit payment history

• Length of credit history

• New credit accounts

• New credit inquiries

• Credit accounts in use


Here are three more ways to boost a credit score over the long term: 

1. Make minimum payments on time.

To stay on track with creditors and preserve a credit score, make certain every loan’s required payments are made on time.

2. Reduce debt-to-income ratio.

When deciding whether to grant a loan, a creditor will consider if a borrower can make his or her outstanding minimum loans payments. If too much money is going towards existing obligations, a creditor may decline a loan. To increase a debt-to-income ratio, stop all card activity and refrain from additional borrowing.

3. Have a good mix of debt.

If all debt is unsecured, a creditor may be suspicious of a borrower’s ability to get an installment or secured loan, like a mortgage, auto- or student loan. Mixing loan types (secured and unsecured) may result in a more favorable score and a more reliable borrower.


One effective way to manage outstanding debt may be to consider applying for a debt consolidation loan and use the loan to pay off existing lines of credit. LoanMe offers qualified customers prime loans in amounts from $15,000 to $100,000 at a 9.9% rate* that can help them better manage outstanding debt and get back on firm financial footing.


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Cleaning up a checkered credit history can help consumers enhance their credit scores, which in turn can improve their standing in the eyes of lenders and potential employers. It’s best to quickly repair credit scores and pay down outstanding debt. LoanMe can help.


*This article has been prepared for general information purposes only. The information presented is not legal, financial, tax or accounting advice, is not to be acted on as such, and is subject to change without notice.
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